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Great Ideas Are Only as Strong as They’re Interpreted.

Accelerate your vision when clients have a greater understanding of the space in the early stages of the project. Present concepts at RealityCave™ to explain structural features when standing inside your virtual design.


How Architects Use RealityCave™


  • Improve communication to help clients overcome visualization barriers that have potential to stunt the growth of your vision in the conceptual design phase.


  • Reduce delays by collaborating with trades and stakeholders before the construction phase begins. The virtual environment enables you to quickly identify potential issues before they grow into costly problems on site.
  • Use RealityCave™ throughout the development process as a neutral meeting environment to align perspectives and manage expectations at project management checkpoints.
  • Expedite zoning with city officials in the RealityCave™ environment.
  • Consultation meetings with neighbors to allay any concerns about the project.


  • Stay ahead of the Architecture Industry by adopting RealityCave™ visualization into your firm before immersive 3D experiences become global industry standard.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for constructing physical models of your developments.
  • Host Events to increase client base and tour prospects through your body of work in 3D.
  • Competitive advantage in RFPs by including the RealityCave™ experience for your clients.
  • Increase Billable Effort - Reduce overall Building Costs: Architecture client spend 8-10% more on architecture and design services in an immersive design setting because the scope of the project is better understood when experienced in 3D.








Next Steps

  1. Schedule a Tour for Your Firm >
  2. Experience one of our Members’ released designs or upload one of your own to customize your tour. Our on site Technician will see that your files are seamlessly executed. We support popular 3D files: RVT, .fbx, .max, .3ds, .skp, .dxf, .dwg
  3. Step inside your design and be amazed.